Products & Services

Our urban pest control laboratory brings together a team of seasoned technicians, professional chemists, and entomology experts. Working closely with hundreds of manufacturers, we are dedicated to testing and refining high-tech insect and rodent extermination products for them, ensuring they are safe, environmentally friendly, and highly effective.

Partner Invitation

We are always committed to promoting cutting-edge products and best practices, determined to phase out products from the market that easily develop resistance or have low efficiency. The products we recommend are delivered directly from the factory production line to your warehouse, ensuring customers acquire efficient pest control solutions at the most cost-effective rates. We look forward to collaborating with you, striving together for a more efficient, economical, and eco-friendly pest control approach, creating a safer and more livable environment for countless homes.

Online Pest Assessment

Most professional pest and rodent control products have their sensitivities and potential risks. For this reason, we offer you an all-in-one comprehensive solution and personalized consultation services. With our rich educational resources and the hands-on experience of our professional team, we ensure that your customers can trust and use the products we recommend safely and correctly.