Our Philosophy

In the real-world practice of pest control, we've identified a growing resistance among various insects to certain treatments. Relying on these outdated solutions not only diminishes effectiveness but can also result in long-term environmental harm while escalating the time and cost involved. As industry trailblazers, our focus is on research and innovation, aiming to offer state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, and highly efficient pest control medications and tools. Our core mission is to identify and phase out products that display resistance or fall below efficacy standards while actively promoting superior products and best practices. Our goal transcends enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in pest control; it's about ensuring absolute safety in our homes and continuously striving to foster a healthier, harmonious environment for our communities.

Our Services

The Urban Pest Control Laboratory was co-founded by seasoned technical developers and renowned entomology experts, positioning us as a leading-edge research institution. We maintain robust R&D collaborations with many top-tier international manufacturers and heavily rely on cutting-edge digital technology and modern logistics systems. When customers encounter pest-related issues, we swiftly and precisely gather pertinent data. Our elite research team then dives deep into analysis, ensuring that we provide scientifically backed diagnostics and optimal solutions. The products and tools we recommend undergo rigorous vetting, guaranteeing both their safety and industry-leading efficiency. Paired with our streamlined logistics, we ensure prompt delivery to address your needs.

Our After-Sales Service

For professional pest and rodent control products, especially those with specific sensitivities and potential risks, we recognize their criticality and complexity. Hence, we offer more than just the products; we have an extensive technical resource library and detailed user guidelines at your disposal. Coupled with our hands-on field experience, we provide a comprehensive one-stop solution. Furthermore, we have a dedicated consultation team available to offer one-on-one expert advice and support whenever you need. Our goal is to ensure that when you and your clients choose our products, it's not only for their effectiveness but also for our unparalleled technical support and professional guidance, ensuring safe, correct, and efficient use every time.